The latest and most complet Electro Stimulation system of the market

JOIN Electro Fitness:

Personal trainings                                                                Qualified staff

Avoiding possible injuries                                        Back pain treatments.

Training with EMS we achieve:

· Muscle mass gain

· Weight loss due to the high caloric consumption

· Strength improvement

· Endurance improvement

· Power improvement

· Speed improvement

· Strengthening abdominal muscles and lumbar stabilize.

Our technology:

· Physiotherapist machine (TENS)

· Massage and lymphatic drainage programs

· Physical Activity Monitoring Software

· Live Monitoring: Pulsometer attached on the suit.

  • The Respiratory frequency (Breathe out/min)
  • The Energy consumption (CE, Kcal)
  • The workout results

Electrofitness Indoor Electrofitness Indoor

Electrofitness Outdoor Electrofitness Outdoor