Hypopressive Techniques


These techniques are known as the best method for physical therapy treatments to increase abdominal and pelvic floor muscle tone. Recommended for postpartum recovery and even for preventing during pregnancy.

Hypopressive exercises are recommended for women and men. They can be defined as postural and breathing exercises associated with a rate of systematic execution. Their goal is to have a healthy physical activity that doesn´t cause excessive increases in intra-abdominal pressure.

Directed to:

· Women with urinary incontinence

· Women in postpartum recovery phase

· People with chronic back pain (without serious pathologies)

· People with hernias of all kinds

· People with respiratory problems

Results to be obtained:

· Toning the abdominal and perineal muscles.

· Postural improvement.

· Prevent all kinds of hernias (abdominal, vaginal…)

· Regular and/or improve respiratory parameters.

· Prevention and/or reduction in symptoms of incontinence.

· Increase and regulate blood factors.

· Prevention of joint and muscle injuries.

· Provide effective lumbar-pelvic protection.

· Provide comfort and pleasure like any physical exercise.

· Improved management of intra-abdominal pressure.